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NATA Entrance Exam Guide


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Product details

Product  Name  :  NATA Entrance Exam Guide

Edition : 5

Number of Pages : 449

Language : English

Binding  :  Paperback

MRP : Rs. 795/-

Product description

A complete self-study test-preparation package for NATA examination, prepared according to the new NATA Exam syllabus & examination pattern. A self-study oriented, precise and quality content for quick & effective preparation for NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) leading admission to 5 year B.Arch degree courses in various colleges in India.

NATA Entrance Exam Guide Includes : 


(1) PRINTED TEXT-BOOK (Paperback) 

A Self-study oriented, Precise and Quality content prepared according to the NATA entrance examination syllabus. Includes 3 previous year solved question papers.



Three Practise Tests to improve the exam time-management skill and familiarity with the exam pattern.



      -Chapter 1 : 1 Point Perspective (View of a Street Scape)
      -Chapter 2 - 1 Point Perspective (Human eye View)
      -Chapter 3 - 1 Point Perspective (Worm’s eye View)
      -Chapter 4 - 1 Point Perspective (Interior View)
      -Chapter 5 - 2 Point Perspective (Block)
      -Chapter 6 - 2 Point Perspective (Object)
      -Chapter 7 - 3 Point Perspective (Object)
      -Chapter 8 - 3 Point Perspective (Bird’s eye View)

(4) IMAGE BANKCollection of 300+ images including logos of world renowned corporate brands and famous buildings, frequently asked in MCQ (multiple choice questions) of the NATA Exam.

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